About Us

About us

SixServe was Founded by Alex back in 2015, with free hosting for customers in mind, after a successful aspect of this company's venture in 2015 he moved it to https://bladenode.com and founded a Premium Web Hosting company called BladeNode after which we had put SixServe on the shelf and left it to be for a while, in 2018 as the CEO for SixServe began work with Staffords Enterprises, LLC, she made it her goal to bring the aspect of free web hosting back again.
SixServe was put into Development from January 2018 to August 2018, she has overhauled SixServe to bring back the freedom of free simple web hosting, We have always wanted SixServe to be a beacon for free web hosting on the Internet, SixServe will maintain that freedom and aspect of free web hosting like it did in 2015, with our new CEO, We are back and bigger than ever with future services coming
Our CEO is trained in the Hosting field with LaserFluid, PhoenixServers and Nemu Technology, she has the experience to make SixServe a leader in the web hosting field, we hope you are just as excited as our CEO is.
We hope to see you around and maybe be a customer of SixServe and to join our community made for people with interest's in Gaming, we have a Discord for our Community and Support when ticket support isn't enough.