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One plan to Rule them all

This is the perfect plan for small websites or non business site


We offer cutting edge features on reliable equipment. We’re not your typical free hosting company.

cPanel & Softaculous

We use the powerful cPanel control panel along with Softaculous, giving you access to over 300 web apps.

Over 300 Premium Apps

Using Softaculous, hundreds of applications are at your fingertips, most installable in less than 3 clicks!

Pure SSD

We run our websites on SSDs, for blazing fast performance. You won’t believe the speed difference!


Friendly Community

We are not just a hosting company, we are a community dedicated to help others.  Let’s talk on the forums.

PHP & Maria SQL

We support PHP and MySQL, giving you not only access to some great tools, but hundreds of pre-built scripts.


FTP Access

Access your web site’s files and folders using FTP, and create sub-accounts for restricted folder access.


We use the ultra powerful cPanel control panel along with the Softaculous auto installer. monitoring